Fruitvale Canal Improvements

City of Yakima

This project began in 2007 with the preparation of a preliminary design study for piping an open canal running through the center of the City of Yakima, known as the Fruitvale Canal.  In the winter of 2012/2013, approximately one mile of the Fruitvale Canal was piped with 30-inch diameter HDPE, including removal of existing concrete canal lining, relocation of utility crossings, elimination of street crossing structures, new concrete headwall and screen structure, and access ports.  This project also included the installation of over 3,000 feet of parallel 4-inch and 6-inch PVC Industrial Waste forcemains.

HLA prepared the design study, provided topographic survey, engineering design, bidding services, construction observation and funding administration for this project.

Sources of Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $1,350,000

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