Cle Elum – Billings Ave. Emergency Sewer Repair

When this sanitary sewer main collapsed under First Street, daily maintenance was required by City crews using vacuum trucks to remove wastewater before it reached adjacent properties. The City declared an emergency in order to waive public works bidding requirements and to begin repairs as soon as possible. HLA performed necessary expedited topographic survey and referred to past project record drawings to design an emergency repair and alignment plan. The City selected a known contractor from past Cle Elum utility work, accepted their sewer repair bid, and promptly provided notice to proceed.

HLA prepared emergency contracts, verified bond and insurance requirements, administered the preconstruction meeting, and provided construction observation. From the date of Mayor emergency proclamation of December 22, 2021, all design and contracting services were completed to allow construction to commence on January 10, 2022, within only 19 days including two major holidays.

This City emergency is an excellent example of the advantage to having a well-qualified engineering firm such as HLA, standing by to assist in any urgent matters. HLA is familiar with Cle Elum construction conditions, has on-hand previous project record drawings, and a full team of engineers and personnel acquainted with City staff, familiar with City of Cle Elum operations.

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