Yakima – 2021 Citywide Wastewater

Yakima – 2021 Citywide Wastewater Improvements

The sewer collection facilities in these areas within the City of Yakima were aged, unreliable, and maintenance prone. Video inspection confirmed presence of damaged and cracked pipes, while also including “bellies” where pipelines settled for various reasons. Some pipeline segments (convenience lines) were too small to accommodate video inspection equipment, but it was known the antiquated lines were maintenance prone, with limited abilities to maintain due to undersized pipes. A total of 1,700 linear feet of sewer pipe was installed, including eight sanitary sewer collection pipeline locations, nine new manholes, and connecting existing laterals to the new main. Additionally, the active laterals that were previously connected to the convenience lines were extended and connected to the sewer main for improved access, maintenance, and reliable service to the customers.

Improvements took place in existing right of ways, alleys, roadways, easements, and through private yards. HLA assisted in preparation of easement documentation and coordinating access into private yards. Working in private yards, even with easements, is always a challenge as property owners are very sensitive to the adverse surface and landscaping impacts. In addition to coordination during design, HLA was in constant communication with the property owners during construction, which led to a successful experience, and property owners signing releases immediately upon completion of work.

HLA provided topographic survey necessary for design, engineer’s estimate, design, plans, specifications, bidding support, and construction survey, inspection, and administration.

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