Union Gap - South Broadway Sewer

Union Gap - South Broadway Area Sewer Extension (GSP Phase 3)

This sewer improvement project serves private property within Union Gap being developed by TwoEagles Properties, LLC and was funded by Yakima County Supporting Investment in Economic Development (SIED) grants and loans. Two bid packages were prepared for improvements, including off-site improvements through a portion of the South Broadway area, and on-site improvements which construct new roadway and relocate utilities for development. Off-site work included extension of approximately 4,200 linear feet of gravity sewer main to the proposed development. On-site improvements will include relocation of approximately 250 linear feet of domestic watermain, 1,000 linear feet of gravity sewer main, and 830 linear feet of new street improvements with curb and gutter, sidewalk, illumination, and storm drainage facilities. 

HLA provided an alignment study, environmental and engineering design, final plans, specifications, cost estimate, bidding support, construction observation, submittal review, and construction administration.

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