Yakima – Hathaway Sewer and Watermain

Yakima – Hathaway Street Sanitary Sewer Improvements (Priority 3) and Watermain Replacement

These improvements took place in a residential neighborhood in Yakima, also fronting Elks Park. These two projects were strategically designed simultaneously and were constructed at the same time to reduce construction costs and traffic restrictions for residents. The sewer improvements included more than 3,000 feet of 4-inch and 8-inch diameter PVC, including seven manholes, and reconnection of services for ten properties.  The project was necessary to replace aged and deteriorated sewer pipe, re-route sewer into City right-of-way, and extend sewer to areas not previously served.

The water improvement portion of the project included 3,150 linear feet of new ductile iron water main, three fire hydrants, service reconnections, and replacement of an irrigation box culvert with 80 linear feet of 30-inch culvert pipe. Roadway and sidewalk were also reconstructed by the contractor, as well as landscape restoration.

HLA provided topographic survey necessary for design, engineer’s estimate, design, plans, specifications, bidding support, and construction survey, inspection, and administration.

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