Prosser - WWTP Primary Clarifier Effluent Piping Replacement

The City constructed improvements to its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to install a new pipe feeding their large trickling filter after the existing pipe collapsed, taking their large diameter trickling filter out of service. As part of the project their primary sludge pump was replaced and a cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner was installed in the return pipe from the trickling filter as a preventative measure to extend its life. Without the large trickling filter in service, the WWTP would struggle to meet discharge limits during harvest season. 

This time critical project restored the WWTP capacity, replaced a high maintenance pump, and extended the trickling filter effluent pipe. Work also included updates to the SCADA system to provide better process control and notification to City staff. Electrical engineering and SCADA programming was provided by HLA’s subconsultant, Connetix Engineering, Inc. (CEI).

HLA services included field investigation necessary for design, plans, specifications, cost estimate, bidding services, construction observation and administration, start-up assistance, and project close-out.




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