Harrah - WWTP Improvements

Harrah’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was not meeting effluent ammonia limits required by its wastewater discharge permit, and there was failure at the main sewage lift station, unreliable clay liners in the lagoons, and problems with the chlorine disinfection process. With HLA’s assistance, early planning, rate increases for users, and information gathered from IACC conferences, the Town successfully assembled a financial package for this ‟IACC Award Winning Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement project.”  Improvements included pumps and controls at the main lift station, headworks screening equipment, replacement of the lagoon liners and aeration equipment in two lagoon cells, construction of two SAGR aerated rock filters, a new aeration and UV disinfection building, repurposed UV disinfection equipment, a new electrical system and controls (including an emergency generator), and lab and operations building upgrades.

HLA services included funding acquisition assistance, design, topographic survey, specifications, estimates, bidding assistance, and construction observation and administration.  

Sources of Project Funding:

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