Granger – Dean Avenue Water Main

Phase 1 and 2 project work included replacement of aged and undersized waterline as planned in Granger’s waterline replacement program. Phase 1 consisted of approximately 1,150 linear feet of waterline being replaced with C900 PVC water main, between West 1st and Hutton Avenues. Work included new gate valves, three fire hydrants, and 24 water service connections. As planned in the City’s replacement program, Phase 2 replaced approximately 1,000 linear feet of waterline with C900 PVC water main between Hutton and Peterson Avenues. Work included new gate valves, two fire hydrants, and 15 water service connections. These projects improved water service for Granger residents and provided additional fire flow to hydrants.

HLA services included project engineering design, plans, specifications, construction cost estimate, and construction surveying, inspection, and administration. 

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