Moxee – Well No. 2 Replacement

In October 2019, the City’s Well No. 2 ceased production due to the release of the gravel filter pack that filled the bottom of the well. Sand and clay clogged the City’s iron and manganese filters and seized the well pump. A thorough inspection of the well was completed, including video log and deviation survey. Though the well screen was not damaged, the probability of repeated filter pack failure was high and the well did not meet current AWWA standards for plumbness and alignment. As a result, a new well (Well No. 4) was drilled to maintain system reliability well production capacity.

The City of Moxee declared an emergency, and HLA immediately began preparation of plans to construct a replacement well and secure necessary funding. HLA engaged the services of Aspect Consulting to provide hydrogeologic technical assistance during design, bid document preparation, and construction observation.  Construction of the new well is anticipated to be complete in August 2020. Pumping equipment is planned to be housed in a prefabricated aluminum enclosure and plumbed to the existing building piping. The new well pump will be powered from the existing VFD control, and a transfer switch will allow the City to change operation from Well No. 4 to the existing well in an emergency condition.

HLA engineering services included assisting with securing funding, cost estimating, well design, bid document preparation, construction administration and inspection services, pump selection, startup and testing assistance, funding agency administration, and final project closeout.   

Sources of Project Funding:

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