Prosser – Wells No. 2 and 3 Replacement

Well No. 2 had experienced an unrepairable collapse and Well No. 3 provided only limited capacity; therefore, the City with HLA’s assistance applied for and received a DWSRF loan to drill a new Well No. 7 as Phase 1, and design and construct a new wellhouse building and appurtenances as Phase 2.

Phase 1 construction of new Well No. 7 was completed in 2021. The well is approximately 700 feet deep and withdraws water from the same aquifer as Well Nos. 2 and 3.  Phase 2 construction of the well building is expected to begin in December 2022.

HLA services include DWSRF loan acquisition for the entire project, design, plans, specifications, cost estimate, construction administration and inspection services, startup assistance, and final project closeout.

Sources of Project Funding:

Total Project Cost: 


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