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Airport Improvements

We have performed engineering and surveying services for the Yakima Air Terminal since 1985, in addition to having worked with airports in Sunnyside, Omak, Connell, and Benton County.

Providing safe airport facilities for the operation of both private and commercial aircraft is critical. Throughout our experiences in airport improvements, we have developed a skill for accommodating local requirements, satisfying the FAA's stringent guidelines, and managing projects to minimize impacts to airfield operations. Our airport improvement services include the following: 

  • Complete Planning and Design
  • Cost Estimates and Funding Applications
  • Independent Estimates
  • Security Improvements
  • Runway and Taxiway Rehabilitation
  • Service and ARFF Roads
  • Signage and Guidance Services
  • Approach Obstruction Evaluation
  • Utility Improvements
  • Mapping Services
  • Surveying and Legal Descriptions
  • Construction Observation and Administration

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