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Civil Site Design

The main goals of civil site design are functionality, efficient use of space, and overall appearance. We have performed civil site design services for a wide variety of projects, including restaurants, medical clinics, and shopping centers. In addition, we have performed engineering and surveying services for nearly every school district in the Yakima Valley. In our efforts to be a full-service company, we provide assistance through the funding process, design every element of a site, and manage the construction process, ensuring not only a quality product, but also the success of our clients. These are some civil site design services we can offer: 

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Permitting Evaluation
  • Plans for Water, Sewer, Power, and Other Utility Improvements
  • Site Grading and Drainage
  • Road, Paving, Landscaping, and Parking Lot Designs
  • Construction Staking
  • Cost Estimates and Funding Assistance
  • Lot Layout and Property Corners
  • Construction Inspection
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