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Naches Depot, Park and Pathway

HLA has completed a variety of projects with the Town of Naches, providing new and innovative ways for residents to enjoy their unique town.

The Historic Naches Railroad Depot project consisted of the rehabilitation of the existing 1,446 square-foot Naches Railroad Depot Building and the construction of a separate 792 square-foot restroom building. The project also included the construction of a new parking lot, with a new sidewalk that stretches to the Naches art-deco gas station.  BOR Architecture provided architectural services as a subconsultant to HLA.   

The Naches Trail project is the beginning of an extension of the Yakima Greenway, which will eventually allow the asphalt pathway to stretch from the Town of Naches to the City of Yakima. This project featured the construction of approximately 1.5 miles of pathway from the Naches  railroad Depot to Allan Road, as well as the rehabilitation of the downtown park and wooden pedestrian bridge over the spillway canal.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • STP Enhancement
  • Direct Allocation
  • High Priority
  • Heritage Funds
Total Project Cost:  $860,000

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