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Granger - Mentzer Avenue and 2nd Avenue

Granger - Mentzer Avenue Resurfacing and 2nd Avenue Full Depth Reclamation

Mentzer Avenue and 2nd Avenue are heavily traveled routes to Roosevelt Elementary School and Granger High School, which includes a high level of bus traffic. With non-compliant ADA sidewalk ramps and severely damaged roadway, construction included seven new ramps, a small section of new sidewalk and curb and gutter, a grind and overlay of Mentzer Avenue from 2nd Avenue to ‟E” Avenue and a full depth reclamation, consisting of cement treatment of pulverized material of 2nd Avenue from Mentzer Avenue to Sunnyside Avenue. Work involved minor adjustments to utilities, including manholes, valve boxes, and monument cases and covers.

These projects utilized the Small City Preservation Program (SCPP) funding through the Transportation Improvement Board.

HLA services included early assistance in acquiring SCPP funding, field investigations necessary to design the project, design, plans, specifications, bidding assistance, construction observation and management, and funding administration.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • Washington State Transportation Improvement Board
  • Local Funds 

Total Project Cost: 


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