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Naches - WWTP Headworks

Naches - Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Improvements

This wastewater treatment plant upgrade was necessary due to the increased loads placed on the Naches Wastewater Treatment Plant. The aging headworks were replaced with a new equipment platform, mechanical screen, screenings conveyor, washer-compactor, and electrical controls and instrumentation. The building’s existing leaking flat roof was replaced with a new truss roof and metal roofing; new insulated windows and a corrosion resistant access door to the wet well were also installed. New drywell and wet well ventilation fans were added, as well as installation of a Town-provided 3rd influent pump to improve reliability and redundancy.

HLA provided funding acquisition assistance, design plans, specifications, estimates, bidding assistance, and construction observation and administration. 

Sources of Project Funding:

  • Yakima County Supporting Investments in Economic Development (SIED)
  • Local Funds

Total Project Cost: 


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