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Wastewater Treatment Plant

This project included a multi-faceted approach to planning of improvements and expansion of Grandview’s wastewater treatment facility. Esvelt Environmental Engineering assisted in the treatment process design, and we prepared an engineering report, a hydrogeologic study and an environmental review.

Improvements included modifications to the existing land application irrigation and disinfection systems, a new 18 MG aerated lagoon, and a new 1.5 MGD activated sludge treatment plant with discharge to the Yakima River.

Advanced wastewater treatment was achieved using four anoxic selector tanks, parallel 0.8 MG aeration basins, two 50-foot diameter clarifiers, and UV disinfection. Separate phases of the project also included a sludge dewatering facility housing belt filter presses, and approximately 200,000 SF of paved sludge drying beds.

Sources of Project Funding

  • Public Works Trust Fund
  • EDA Grant
  • R.E.C. Grant
  • Reserve Bonds

Total Project Cost: $12,760,000

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