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Geodetic Surveying and Control

HLA employs the most advanced hardware and software to meet (or exceed) our clients' expectations.  Our field surveyors use Leica Viva Global Positioning System (GPS), Leica reflector less total stations, and data collectors to gather information in the field.  We utilize the Washington State Reference Network to establish geodetic control on all of our mapping projects. 

  • Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District:  2003 to 2013:  HLA established geodetic control for the profile mapping of over 65 miles of irrigation canal and topographic surveys for the replacement of 28 check structures and 3 new reregulation reservoirs.

We have established local control networks based on a ground unit projective of State Plane Coordinates in each of the 14 communities we are currently under contract with to provide municipal engineering and consulting services.  This allows us to utilize prior project information on new projects and not repeat cadastral efforts.


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