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Grandview Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Grandview

This project included a multi-faceted approach to planning of improvements and expansion of Grandview's wastewater treatment facility.  We prepared an engineering report, a hydrogeologic study, and an environmental review.  Improvements included modifications to the existing land application irrigation and disinfection systems, a new 18 MG aerated lagoon, and a new 1.5 MGD activated sludge treatment plant with discharge to the Yakima River.  The new mechanical plant included anoxic selector tanks, parallel 0.8 MG aeration basins, two 50-foot diameter clarifiers, and UV disinfection.   Separate phases of the project also constructed a sludge dewatering facility, housing belt filter presses, and approximately 200,000 square feet of paved sludge drying beds.  Esvelt Environmental Engineering provided subconsultant services for design of the treatment process for this project.

Sources of Project Funding

  • PWTF Loan
  • EDA GRant
  • R.E.C. Grant

Total Project Cost: $12,760,000

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