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Grandview "Alive" Downtown Improvements

This award-winning nine-block project included reconstruction of central business district streets and utilities, including installation of 3,500 linear feet of new watermain, valves, fire hydrants, and 70 water services.  Improvements included grinding and asphalt overlay, reconstruction of curb and gutter, stormwater facilities, bulbouts, and bold striping to improve street crossing safety.  The project featured stone paving accents, pedestrian lighting, street trees and planting areas, benches and other street furniture, and wider sidewalks in the City's downtown core area. 

HLA provided funding application assistance, topographic survey, design, plans, specifications, services during construction, and funding administration.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • CDBG - R
  • USDA - RD
  • PWB
  • SIED
  • CTED
  • ARRA
  • Local Funds

Total Project Cost: $4,933,000

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