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Selah Biosolids Treatment Facility/WWTP Upgrades

City of Selah

A new bisolids treatment facility, housed in a 6,250 SF building, was constructed to process wastewater sludge into Class A Biosolids using heat drying.  Dried and treated biosolids are suitable for public distribution and beneficial use with few restrictions.  The building houses a centrifuge, a dewatered sludge storage hopper, and the sludge dryer.  Other facilities include a 250,000 gallon aerated sludge storage tank, a 35-foot diameter pretreatment clarifier, and a sludge pumping building.  Main plant upgrades consist of a new headworks fine screen and replacement of the plant electrical and control systems.

 Sources of Project Funding

  • PWTF Loan
  • Reserves

Total Project Cost: $5,522,000

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