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Zillah - New Reservoir & Booster Pump Station

Construction of the City of Zillah’s ground level reservoir and companion booster pump station was completed in 2007.  This welded steel reservoir has a total storage capacity of 0.61 MG and is expandable to hold a future capacity of 1.0 MG.  The boosted storage is supplemented with auxiliary power from an on-site engine generator and automated control schemes that allow for circulation and exchange of stored water.  Pressure Zone 2 Water Main Improvements were completed in 2010, and consisted of a new transmission main and booster pump station to supply potable service and fire protection to the higher elevation area of the City.  This project also included telemetry equipment at the new reservoir and pump stations.

HLA provided land surveying services and legal descriptions, design engineering, inspection, and project oversight services essential for successful project completion.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • Public Works Trust Fund Loan
  • Yakima County Supporting Investments in Economic Development
  • Local Funds

Total Project Cost:  $2,800,000

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