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Toppenish - Water System Improvements

This project consisted of two phases of water system improvements, including the construction of a 1.7 MG standpipe reservoir.

Aged, undersized, leaking, and deteriorated, the City of Toppenish recognized the need to address its water distribution system.  The 2013 Water System Improvement project replaced approximately 5,400 linear feet of deficient cast iron pipe with new 8-inch ductile iron water main, including new water services, fire hydrants, mainline isolation valves, and other related improvements.  As part of the project, cracked roadway surfaces overlying the water improvements were rehabilitated with new asphalt pavement.  In restoring water system integrity and adding fire flow capacity, the project was a success, completed on time and under budget.

In addition, the 1.7-million gallon capactiy standpipe reservoir was funded in 2012, with construction completed in 2014.  This welded steel standpipe reservoir is 47 feet in diameter and 132.5 feet high at the oveflow elevation.  The City's existing standpipe reservoir experienced thermal stratification due to the temperature extremes in Eastern Washington.  To avoid this issue, and ensure consistent water quality, the reservoir was designed with a passive hydrodynamic mixing system and an active submersible mixer.  HLA provided design, construction inspection, and startup coordination services for this project.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (Loan)

2013 Water System Improvements Total Project Cost: $1,200,000

1.7 MG Standpipe Reservoir No. 5 Total Project Cost: $3,518,000

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