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Sunnyside - Yakima Valley Highway

These improvements were completed as three separate consecutive projects that drastically improved Yakima Valley Highway, the City's busiest arterial.  In total, the projects included approximately 7,000 linear feet of roadway reconstruction and resurfacing, as well as replacement of two antiquated traffic signals, one each at 6th and 16th streets. In addition to the new traffic signals and roadway resurfacing, the projects included water and sewer improvements, new curb and gutter, sidewalk, ADA compliant curb ramps, storm drainage improvements, and street lighting.

HLA provided  funding application assistance, topographic survey, design, plans, specifications, services during construction, and funding administration for these important City improvements.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • TIB
  •  Local Funds

Total Project Cost:

     $2,025,000 (2014)
         $286,000 (2016)
     $1,012,000 (2018)

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