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Selah Volunteer Park Site Improvements

This five-acre all-inclusive park was designed to include areas for children with disabilities, as well as accomadate parents in wheelchairs.  The restrooms, parking lot, and playground were designed to allow a more diverse population to use the facility.   Due to the site being a past fruit orchard, unacceptable levels of arsenic were found in the soil, and a cleanup plan was necessary.  Working with the contractor and Nth Degree Environmental Engineering, a plan was developed to move contaminated soils, cover areas with parking lot or paved surfaces, and top the remaining areas with protective fabric and City-stockpiled soil.

Improvements included grading, stormwater facilities, a driveway approach and parking lot with lighting, a walking path around the perimeter of the park, accommodations for future installation of playground equipment, curb and gutter, fencing, and a city-furnished prefabricated concrete restroom building.

HLA provided topographic survey, engineering design, plans, specifications, soil remediation coordination, and services during construction.  HLA donated approximately 50 percent of their design fee as part of the volunteer effort to construct this unique park.

Sources of Project Funding:

  • RCO Grant
  • Donations
  • City Funds
Total Project Cost (without Playground): $657,000

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