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HLA is a full-service design, engineering and surveying firm, dedicated to both the success of our projects and the success of our clients. Providing services from conception to completion, we bring our 50 years of experience to every project.

Funding Assistance

Construction is expensive, and knowing how to obtain funding assistance is vital. We have an intimate knowledge and vast experience working with governments, municipalities and private entities. Most importantly, we are able to get a project off the ground swiftly and effectively, all while developing financing strategies to reduce costs. Read More »

Municipal Engineering

With a staff of more than 50 skilled professionals and over 300 years combined professional engineering and surveying experience, we bring professionalism and talent to the unique field of municipal engineering. Learn more »

Residential and Commercial Development

From the Target Gateway center and Children's Village to large scale housing developments and industrial sites, we have the tools and experience needed to create functional developments. Learn more » 

Civil Site Design

Site design is one of the cornerstones of our company's experience. We work with architects, contractors, and developers to provide site designs, effectively addressing utility services, grading and drainage issues, as well as traffic flow and parking needs. Learn more »

Airport Improvements

Having served as consulting engineers for the Yakima Air Terminal for over 23 years, we have experience facilitating design, engineering, and construction management services for a broad range of project types in concert with FAA requirements. Learn more »

Utility Engineering

Our engineers specialize in utility systems design and have the experience and ability to meet your design needs. For many years, our professionals have worked in the design and construction of stormwater systems, sanitary sewer collection and treatment, irrigation services, and potable water supply, treatment and distribution. Learn more »


With two licensed surveyors, two field crews, and state-of-the-art equipment, we pride ourselves on professional, accurate data collection. From boundary surveys and lot-line adjustments to construction staking and GPS topographic mapping, our surveyors can quickly and accurately perform any task. Learn more »

Construction Management

Our resident engineers are on the job, every step of the way, observing and managing the owner's side of the entire construction process, solving problems, and bringing an experienced eye to the project. Learn more »

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